Meeting Date, Place Organiser & co-sponsor Responsible Officer Documents
CAMP/ICZM Strategy for Montenegro Final Conference
Budva, Montenegro
PAP/RAC and MSDT M. Markovic
CAMP Italy Inception Workshop
Alghero, Italy
PAP/RAC and MELS M. Prem
Eighth Annual Celebration of the Mediterranean Coast Day
Tunis, Tunisia
PAP/RAC - MedPartnership (CVC) N. Stipica
Climagine 3
Šibenik, Croatia
PAP/RAC and BP/RAC - MedPartnership (CVC) D. Povh Škugor
Harmonisation meeting for the Coastal Plan of the Šibenik-Knin County
Šibenik, Croatia
PAP/RAC and Šibenik-Knin County - MedPartnership (CVC) N. Stipica
Meeting to present initial results of the assessment of the costs of climate variability & change for the Tunisian coast
Tunis, Tunisia
PAP/RAC and the National Ministry - MedPartnership (CVC) S. Petit
ESA Croatia Presentation Workshop
Zagreb, Croatia
IMC and PAP/RAC - MedPartnership (LME) D. Povh Škugor
Progress meeting on Algerian ICZM Strategy and Reghaia ICZM Plan 26 - 27 February 2014
Algiers, Algeria
PAP/RAC and MATE - MedPartnership (LME) Z. Skaricic
CAMP Montenegro - National workshop to harmonize the CASP with the CAMP results and the NICZM Strategy 11 - 13 February 2014
Podgorica, Montenegro
PAP/RAC and MSDT M. Markovic
Closing General Meeting of the PEGASO project 14 - 17 January 2014
Antalya, Turkey
PMU Z. Skaricic