MedPartnership Co-ordination Group met in Barcelona


The Co-ordination Group of the MedPartnership project held its 6th meeting in Barcelona on 4 - 5 November 2014. Coming to an end in December 2015, the project has implemented almost 80% of its foreseen activities. “We are very proud of our achievements”, said Lorenzo Galbiati, the project manager. “This is a huge progress thanks to the efforts of all partners and national experts”, he added.

Representatives of the executing partners presented the progress of their activities within the four components of the project. The group also drew a clear roadmap with well defined steps for achieving the project’s goals and ensuring its successful completion in the months to come.

A complete session was also dedicated to the sister project on climate variability and change. The progress of activities was presented along with the regional framework, which is going to be developed through a consultation process. The framework will be submitted to CoP 19 for approval. “The framework aims to outline a common strategy for Mediterranean countries to address the impacts of climate change”, said Tassos Kromidas, MedPartnership climate change and variability consultant.

Participants to the meeting took also time to brainstorm on the future project’s activities. Meanwhile, the GEF 6 new strategy was presented to set a frame for the future project. The closing of the meeting was around planning the next Steering Committee meeting towards the closure of the project. "This project is an important initiative for the fact that it widened the collaboration platform on working «Together for the Mediterranean" for the benefit of the Countries and coastal and marine ecosystems", said Daria Povh from PAP/RAC.

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