ICZM Protocol on the way to implementation


PAP/RAC took the first steps towards starting the preparatory activities for the implementation of the ICZM Protocol once it enters into force. To that end, an Expert Meeting on the Action Plan for the Implementation of the ICZM Protocol was organised in Split, Croatia, on17-18 June 2008. The objective of the meeting was to exchange opinions among the relevant experts with a view of exploring possible activities to be undertaken in this intermediate period when the signing and ratification of the ICZM Protocol is still in progress.

Some of the major topics presented and discussed at the meeting were the following:

  • assessment and evaluation of the ICZM progress in the Mediterranean;
  • interpretation of the text of the Protocol;
  • guidelines for the definition of a coastal setback; and
  • training and awareness-raising for the implementation of the Protocol.

The work was organised in four parallel sessions. Very constructive proposals were then presented by the representatives of each Working Group at the plenary session. On the basis of these proposals, several concrete activities were defined. As proposed by the participants of the meeting, the activities to be implemented in the intermediate period could encompass: the preparation of a Stocktaking report on ICZM in the Mediterranean, including information on the existing setback practices and various toolkits; the preparation of an Explanatory Guide of the text of the Protocol; and some awareness-raising and training activities. The proposed activities will have to follow the rules of the existing MAP procedure of verification, first within the PAP/RAC Focal Points network and, finally, they will be proposed to the Bureau of the Contracting Parties for approval.

Cheers, Cica!
Cheers, Cica!

As of June 1 PAP/RAC will never be the same again. Ljiljana (Cica) Prebanda has retired from daily chores at the office to enjoy the freedom to do what she pleases. Knowing her, sh...

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