CORMON Coast and Hydrography 2023

Dates, duration and venue:

Date: 28 - 29 March 2023

Duration: a two-day meeting

Venue: Marseilles, France - Logistic information for the venue

Working documents

UNEP/MED WG.549/1: Provisional Agenda

UNEP/MED WG.549/2: Provisional Annotated Agenda

UNEP/MED WG.549/3: Contribution to the 2023 Med QSR for the cluster on Coast and Hydrography

UNEP/MED WG.549/4: Scientific gaps, policy needs and difficulties to comply with the requirements of the Guidance Factsheet for Common Indicator 15

UNEP/MED WG.549/5: Guiding Factsheet for the Candidate Common Indicator 25 “Land cover change”

UNEP/MED WG.549/6: Assessment criteria and the Guiding document for application of assessment criteria for the IMAP Common Indicator 16

UNEP/MED WG.549/7: Report of the meeting

Information documents

UNEP/MED G.549/Inf.1: Provisional list of documents

UNEP/MED G.549/Inf.2: Provide practical solutions to strengthen and sustain Science-Policy Interface mechanisms to support IMAP implementation in Morocco. SPI frameworks and processes regarding monitoring of IMAP Common Indicators 1 & 15 in Morocco

UNEP/MED G.549/Inf.3: Upgraded Guidance Factsheet for Candidate Common Indicator 25 “Land cover change” - Rationale and background

UNEP/MED G.549/Inf.4: Manual for IMAP Candidate Common Indicator 25 “Land cover change” calculation

UNEP/MED G.549/Inf.5: A test of the application of the NEAT assessment tool for GES for the coast and hydrography EOs in the Adriatic

UNEP/MED G.549/Inf.6: Test du document d’orientation pour l’application des critères d’évaluation de l’indicateur commun 16 de l’IMAP au Maroc