PANACeA & BleuTourMed Kick-off meetings


Two horizontal Interreg-Med projects, PANACeA & BleuTourMed, were launched back-to-back in Marseille, on 15 - 17 March 2017. The PANACeA is a regional initiative of streamlining management efforts in Protected Areas for an enhanced Protection in the Mediterranean Sea. The project’s main goal is to support actions and dissemination of results of nine modular projects. First, the project will help match the needs and expectations of the different thematic project partners. Second, it will ensure support for a more effective Science-Policy-Interface (SPI) and contribute to the implementation of both the EU and the Barcelona Convention policies concerning the protection and conservation of biodiversity and natural resources in protected areas.

PANACeA’s Advisory Board will have a key role in assisting and guiding the actions needed to help partners and their networks to influence more efficiently the relevant regional policies. PAP/RAC is a member of this Advisory Board together with the IUCN World Commission on protected areas/University of Queensland, IUCN Med, WWF Med, Tour du Valat, and SPA/RAC.

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PAP/RAC also joined the BleuTourMed project, as both a partner in a modular project “Co-Evolve” and as a member of the Advisory Board. The sustainable tourism Community is the Interreg MED community for the protection and promotion of the Mediterranean natural and cultural resources with the aim of enhancing the development of sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean area. The focus will be on strengthening the planning and management practices in favour of sustainable tourism.
CAMP Var Steering Committee meeting
CAMP Var Steering Committee meeting
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