EUCC: QualityCoast Awards 2009


The EUCC- The Coastal Union is officially launching the QualityCoast Awards 2009.
QualityCoast aims to establish a world wide network of coastal communities (towns, municipalities and/or regions) that share the same values and practices on sustainable development holistically integrating their natural, cultural and social values and that at the same time maintain a high standards of their tourism.

QualityCoast has been developed for coastal communities: cities, towns and islands, at the level of municipalities, provinces and regions. Small adjacent communities can participate together in order to work more cost effectively; they can also apply for the QualityCoast Award together.  

The QualityCoast Award is rewarded to coastal communities that are proving and presenting good overall sustainable performance; providing transparent information to visitors; and planning for future improvements. It is an independent certification of the performance of the coastal community and its tourist product which makes use of 20 QualityCoast criteria.

The QualityCoast Award website, including guide for entrants, registration and application forms are available at    

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