CAMP France 2nd Steering Committee


The Steering Committee (CoPil) of the CAMP project, which has been running for almost a year now, met for the second time this year, on December 18 at Domaine de Fabregas, La Seyne-sur-Mer, in the Var County. The meeting allowed the participants to present the work carried out so far, to discuss the progress, challenges and difficulties encountered, as well as to validate the orientations of future activities. In addition, the handover from the old project manager, Mr. Humeau Pit, and his replacement, Mme. Elodie Doze, was formalised on this occasion.

This half-day meeting was filled with a very rich programme. The partners also met over lunch and launched the exchanges in a friendly setting, which continued lively and constructively throughout the afternoon. A real ownership by local actors of the CAMP has clearly arisen, where the principles of the ICZM Protocol have a strong gravitational force on the different actions of the project. The main elements can be summarised as follows:

- Methodology, approach and timetable for the implementation of the diagnostic study on ICZM practices in the Var territory. To stimulate the discussion a mapping of actors, initiatives and approaches to ICZM in the Var was prepared by the project co-ordinator and shared with the participants;

- Data collection for the implementation of DONIA;

- Launch of ;

- Debriefing on working groups and the preparation of future workshops has been at the heart of debates and concerns: (i) erosion/submersion, (ii) harbours/navigation basins, and (iii) sustainable archipelagos;

- Organisation of Var’s "land-sea" Forum. The event date was postponed to the last week of March 2016.

More about the progresses and future actions will be shared soon. Follow us on !

Thanks again to Pit for his investment. We wish him to be successful in the upcoming professional and personal challenges!
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