CAMP Almeria launches its follow-up


After three years of intensive work and implementation of activities, the CAMP Levante de Almeria enters its follow-up stage. The implementation of the Action Plan, which makes an integral part of the Sustainable Development Reference Framework (SDRF), has started.

The Final Presentation Conference, held in Almeria on 4 February 2013, was welcomed by a high political representation that confirmed dedication to the project results and showed political will to support its continuation. Mr. F. Ramos de Armas, Secretary of State for the Environment, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and Mr. L. Planas Puchades, Andalusian Regional Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, showed enthusiasm for the CAMP and its results. Also, Ms. M. L. Silva Mejias, MAP Co-ordinator and Executive Secretary, underlined the importance of CAMP for the Mediterranean Action Plan.

The results and numerous activities were presented and the focus was on the SDRF as the major outcome of the project. During the round table session, members of the Coastal Council and Coastal Commission presented their experiences with the project implementation. The project was evaluated as extremely good and innovative at the European level due to the well structured and functional institutional co-ordination and public participation throughout the project duration on the one side, and very well elaborated technical proposals for the coastal issues on the other, which were both linked with the Imagine workshops as a tool for scenarios building and indicators.

Everybody wished that the post project phase would be as successful as the work carried out until now. It is obvious that the success of the CAMP will be judged according to the results achieved in the follow-up phase for which the Action Plan gives a plethora of possibilities for job creation and initiation of new economic activities, as well as for using the institutional co-ordination established for the future management of the Levante de Almeria coastal areas.

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