CAMP Lebanon enters final stage


After a successful training course on Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) (Beirut, 8 -10 October 2003) the project has entered its final stage. The course was attended by more than 25 participants mainly from various ministries, institutions and NGOs. Also, two participants from Bahrain were present. The course was highly interactive and showed that this sort of MAP activities were needed and should be promoted also in the future. Among the main topics were the principles of ICAM and the meaning of integration, the various tools and techniques used in ICAM, such as SEA, economic and legal instruments, and the role of public participation. Three working groups dealt with specific CAMP case studies (water resources, tourism development and urban planning) and discussed the use of SEA, economic instruments and participatory approaches.
By the end of 2003 all individual activities, except for marine conservation areas, are to be finalised. Most of the final reports have already been submitted to PAP/RAC. Some work is still to be done on the draft ICAM Law and National ICAM Strategy. Also, a Final Integrated Report will be drafted. Some other activities are still in course, such as the preparation of a specific CAMP web site and media campaign. The Final Presentation Conference is scheduled for February 2004.
Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers
Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers
On October 20 and 21, 2003, a workshop on the adoption of ICAM methods and tools took place in Algiers. The workshop was organised by a national team in charge of