CAMP Algiers on the go again


After several months of reduced activity due to consequences of the earthquake that struck Algeria in June 2003, the CAMP Algiers is on the go again:

- currently in course (20-21 October 2003) is a training workshop on the methods and tools of ICAM, implemented by the national team in charge of this activity, intended for various national actors involved in the ICAM process;

- the first results of the "diagnostic" phase of the thematic activities implemented by PAP/RAC are expected towards the end of October 2003;

- on 10-12 November 2003, at the ANAT and MATE premises, a workshop on participatory programme of the CAMP will gather some 60 participants representing the central administration of the concerned ministries, administrations and directorates of the wilayas covered by the CAMP, public institutions of study and research in the field of environment, land-use planning and coastal protection, and associations from the civil society of environmental nature operating in the area covered by the CAMP;

- immediately after that workshop, on 13-14 November 2003, the first harmonisation meeting will be organised by PAP/RAC in order to discuss the progress of the project and to reformulate the workplan for 2004 so as to make up for the delays. Among others, it is envisaged that the PAP experts will prolong their stay in Algiers in order to assist the national team in the finalisation of diagnostic reports, and to provide them with the elements necessary for launching the next phase of the project.

Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers
Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers
On October 20 and 21, 2003, a workshop on the adoption of ICAM methods and tools took place in Algiers. The workshop was organised by a national team in charge of