New GEF MedPartnership project website - beautiful, isn't it?


A number of important outputs and results of the activities performed within the GEF-financed MedPartnership and ClimVar and ICZM projects prompted PAP/RAC to redesign its special projects website.

Numerous activities resulted with a handful of valuable outputs. In order to help the reader find “the best” we have highlighted our selection at the home page. Whether you want to know more about the National ICZM Strategy of Montenegro, adopted by the national Government, or about the first Coastal Plan focused on climate variability and change impacts adopted by the County Assembly, or about the methodological guide for converging coastal, river basin and aquifer management - it is all there, easy to find.

It is possible to view the outputs of each particular project by choosing its name. The alternative is to use the top menu at which all the activities and outputs are categorised according to the type of the activity. Using the GEF IW model, ten activities are presented with the experience notes. In addition, some activities, such as the Coastal Plan for the Šibenik-Knin County of Croatia, are presented with the nicely designed summary.

Among 42 key outputs in 5 different languages (some of which are also in the national languages of the Mediterranean countries), you will find:
  • 4 methodological guidelines (for converging coastal, river basin and aquifer management, developing national ICZM strategies, adaptation to climate variability and change, and assessing socio-economic impacts and adaptation options);
  • 3 technical documents related to the interpretation of the ICZM Protocol;
  • 5 different assessments of the costs of the climate variability and change impacts, including one dealing with the banks and insurance companies;
  • 3 national strategies (one in the national language only, but the experience note is available);
  • 3 coastal plans (one in the national language only, but the English version will be available soon, Summary version and the experience note available in English);
  • Reports of the 3 major regional workshops with all the materials distributed and PPT slides presented.

Besides these 42 outputs, you will find 10 experience notes and links to 5 more web sites, some specially designed for GEF projects activities, and some regular PAP/RAC activities within which some of the GEF activities were implemented, like the Coast Day campaign or the MedOpen virtual training course.

Although the GEF projects are closed, the seeds they have sawn keep flourishing around the Mediterranean.
Coastal Plan for Šibenik-Knin County Adopted
Coastal Plan for Šibenik-Knin County Adopted
On 27 April the County Council members adopted the ICZM Plan for the Šibenik-Knin County. Mr. Goran Pauk, President of the County, pointed out that the main reason behind the prepa...
1st EUSAIR Forum in Dubrovnik: An occasion to build synergies
1st EUSAIR Forum in Dubrovnik: An occasion to build synergies
More than 600 participants attended the 1st Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), jointly organised by the European Commission and the Government of...