Launch of the MOCOMED platform


The MOCOMED platform (a MOving COast in the MEDiterranean) is an online interface dedicated to the risks of coastal erosion and marine flooding. It aims to allow a better understanding and apprehension of coastal risk management in the Mediterranean.

The MOCOMED platform was set up as part of the CAMP Var (CAMP France), a project carried out by PAP/RAC of UN Environment/MAP. Launched in 2015, the CAMP Var project aims to support the implementation of ICZM (ICZM Protocol) in the Var territory, and is interested in the risks of coastal erosion and marine flooding.

Coastal natural hazards are in fact at the crossroads of natural dynamics and human issues that draw the coastline of today. Between land and sea, these risks can impact the human goods and activities present on the coastline and thus interest public policies in terms of forecasting, prevention and crisis management. They can also be seen as opportunities and open up new perspectives in terms of spatial planning, the development of economics, or the creation of new spaces for leisure and nature.

The MOCOMED platform is aimed at both people wishing to acquire general concepts and knowledge in the area of coastal risks, but also to a more experienced public of professionals, it includes: a pedagogical area dedicated to the moving coastline, with dynamic coastal patterns, in its natural and anthropic states; a historical space, as a retrospective of shoreline evolution over time; a resource area, containing toolkits as well as links to work and approaches to coastal risks, in the Mediterranean and beyond.

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