CAMP Var project signed!


The Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) for the Var County of France has been signed on September 4 by Mr. Xavier Sticker, Ambassador of France in charge of the Environment, and Mr. Gaetano Leone, Co-ordinator of MAP/UNEP, the Secretariat of the Barcelona Convention.
Supported by the Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC), the CAMP Var project was initiated following an official request from the President of the General Council of Var to be an extension of the County’s Sea and Coastal Scheme and bring, in an international framework, additional expertise and analysis. This project will also support the implementation of integrated management approach at the local level through pilot approaches and application of internationally accepted methodologies. In addition, the CAMP aims to study the gradual creation of a system of "sea-coast" governance that should be linked with the existing management initiatives in the space between land and sea in the Var County (Natura 2000 in the sea, Land sites and PMD of the Conservatory of the Coast, bay-contracts, County scheme for spatial planning, Charter of the National Park of Port Cros, coastal strategic document, etc.).

The Var Coastal Area Management Programme was designed through regular contacts among the PAP/RAC, the Conservatory of the Coast (PAP/RAC’s French Focal Point), the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs, and associated experts such as those of the Var General Council and Rhone-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Agency, whose support is expected throughout the process.
We welcome the passage to this new level leading to the concrete phase of implementation of the Programme. A project manager will be hired soon and will support the launching of the project that is expected in the coming weeks.

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