Blue Plan’s workshop on the presentation and validation of a methodology


BP/RAC took the opportunity of the MEDCOP21 conference to organize in Marseilles, on June 3, 2015, a workshop in the frame of the ClimVar & ICZM Project. The workshop was attended by representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco and Palestine.

They discussed a methodology for the development of a Coastal Risk Index related to the impacts of climate change considering three variables: exposure, vulnerability and forcing which coastal areas are facing. Risk maps at a regional scale were produced and discussed for each of the countries represented. A local application for the case of Morocco was also presented.

PAP/RAC was invited to the workshop to present its experiences within the same project, namely, the methodology for estimating costs of the climate variability and change applied in Croatia, with the local assessment of vulnerabilities applied in the coastal region of the Šibenik-Knin County.

A MAP expert on Climate Change presented the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Framework for the Mediterranean marine and coastal areas. Participants of the workshop provided their comments on the cases presented and congratulated to the organizations for the efforts undertaken.
The MEDCOAST jubilee workshop
The MEDCOAST jubilee workshop
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