MSP as a tool for the implementation of the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean

Meet & Exchange Training Workshop

Dates, duration and venue:

Date: 9 - 10 April 2019

Duration: a two-day meeting/training

Venue: Novinarski dom (premises of the Croatian Journalists' Association), Perkovčeva 2, Zagreb, Croatia

The training workshop will familiarise participants with the basic tools, methods and concepts for MSP implementation. It will support a common understanding across the Mediterranean region regarding implementation of MSP within the MAP Barcelona Convention system and encourage sharing best practices and lessons learnt from MSP implementation in the region and beyond.

Training Agenda

Information documents:

Conceptual Framework for Marine Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean

Cadre conceptuel pour la planification de l’espace marin en Méditerranée

Land-Sea Interactions in the framework of ICZM and MSP

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Toolkit

Guidelines for Transboundary Consultations, Public Participation and Cooperation


  • Introduction:

          -  Introduction to MSP - global initiative

           - Introduction to MSP within BC

  • National presentations:

           - Tunisie MSP

           - Slovenia MSP

           - Montenegro MSP

           - Maroc MSP

           - Malta MSP

           - Lebanon MSP

           - Italy MSP

            - Israel MSP

            - France MSP

            - Cyprus MSP

            - Croatia MSP

            - B&H MSP

            - Albania MSP

            - Spain MSP

  • MSP tools:

            - Montenegro EcAp

            - European MSP platform

            - Tools4MSP

            - IOC UNESCO website

            - SUPREME SWM Case studies

  • LSI:

             - LSI Methodological guidelines

             - Introduction to LSI

  • Transboundary cooperation:

             - MSP Toolkit

             - Transboundary cooperation - BC

             - Transboundary MSP - Black Sea

             - Transboundary cooperation - Baltics

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