FAO and PAP/RAC jointly against land degradation


In order to streamline international and regional efforts to combat land degradation; harmonise methodologies for data collection and analysis; and to better utilise potential available funds to combat land degradation; PAP/RAC and FAO are aiming to use the same methodologies for land degradation assessment and management of degraded areas. An extensive history of the co-operation between the two institutions has already resulted in a number of methodologies, projects, publications and similar outputs. The Regional Workshop to Present PAP/RAC - FAO Experiences in Combating Land Degradation in Mediterranean Coastal Areas, which will take place October 10-12, 2005 in the FAO premises in Rome is a step further.

The aims of the workshop are to find the best way to harmonise land degradation assessment methodologies, disseminate the experience accumulated jointly by PAP and FAO during almost 15 years of co-operation, experience that should be regarded as a capital to develop further and to build upon. More precisely, the objectives are:

- to present background information on land degradation and land degradation assessment, including biophysical and socio-economic factors

- to present the LADA methodological framework and experiences in selected countries

- to present the results from the PAP/RAC projects

- to evaluate the implemented projects and make recommendations for improvements or further developments to complete the work on land degradation assessment

- to draw concrete recommendations on the ways of harmonising methodologies in the Mediterranean countries

- to draw concrete recommendations on how to integrate the data gathered by PAP/RAC projects with regional/international land degradation databases

- to envisage a stronger integration of PAP and FAO activities to combat land degradation, including desertification, and

- to elaborate proposals for new projects related to land degradation.

Invited are participants from various interest groups: the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention (all Mediterranean countries and the EU), international organisations (FAO, UNCCD, UNEP, UNDP, METAP, MAP and its Centres, Desertlinks, World Food Programme), NGOs and potential donors. In all, some 60 participants are expected to attend.

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