PAP/RAC at Medcoast Conference in Ravenna


At Medcoast Conference, held from 7-11 October in Ravenna, UNEP, MAP and PAP/RAC, in co-operation with Medcoast, organised a workshop on socio-economic issues in ICAM. At the workshop an introduction to economic instruments was given, GEF and PAP/RAC project "Development of Economic Instruments" was presented, as well as one pilot project dealing with tourist eco-charge. At the parallel workshop on education in ICAM, PAP/RAC's on-line training course "MedOpen", currently under development, was presented. Also presented was a new PAP/RAC's product, "Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House", which will provide support to MedOpen. Two members of PAP/RAC staff and 3 PAP/RAC experts participated in the Medcoast conference.
Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers
Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers
On October 20 and 21, 2003, a workshop on the adoption of ICAM methods and tools took place in Algiers. The workshop was organised by a national team in charge of